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Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group are now taking Expressions of Interest to join their Community Engagement Group (CEG) from community members with particular interest in the economy, environment and community. NCIG always strive to interact and connect with their local community and believe they have a responsibility to contribute to the community in which they operate.

The NCIG Community Engagement Group (CEG) will provide a platform for pro-active two-way discussion on terminal operations, environmental performance and opportunities for mutually beneficial involvement in NCIG and community activities.

The objectives of the CEG are to:

  • develop a trusting relationship between NCIG and community members
  • ensure that the community is informed of key NCIG activities, where these may have an impact on or relevance to the community
  • communicate operational performance including safety and environmental management, and sustainability matters
  • promote meaningful discussion and feedback on topics that intersect NCIG and community interests
  • encourage direct feedback from community members on matters relevant to NCIG with a view to positively influence future terminal practices and community outcomes

The intention is that community representation on the CEG provides an appropriate balance of geographical coverage, relevant interests and any other matters that are deemed relevant to the purpose of the meeting. Community Representatives may be selected from a combination of both public application processes and direct appointment and would ideally represent community interest groups.


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