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When he’s at work, Brett Mills is NCIG’s dedicated Maintenance Planner, caring for the equipment that makes NCIG operate. Outside of work, Brett is still caring for an operation, but it’s one of a very different nature!

For the past two years, Brett has built a bee kingdom with an impressive hive called home to over 20,000 bees.

What started out as a hobby to help propagate his passionfruit vines has turned into a passion of reward and preservation for Brett.

“I immediately saw the all-year-round benefits the bees were having on my passionfruit supplies, then on my strawberry supplies, so I thought if I keep the bees happy and content, they’ll continue to work their magic in my garden,”Brett said.

His current bee population provides Brett with ongoing fresh honey and bees wax which he uses to make candles for friends. He is also a member of the Botanical Garden’s Bee Society – working with the Garden’s staff and other bee enthusiasts to steer-off bee related diseases and help other bee populations thrive.

“I’m really proud that NCIG support’s the Botanical Garden’s. It’s nice to know that at home I’m doing my small part to preserve the bee population, and at work I also get to contribute on a larger scale thanks to NCIG’s commitment to the community.”

When asked if he has ever been stung Brett’s response is finite: “I don’t have an epipen at home and at work for nothing”!

Quick Fact: Did you know a bee keeper only needs to attend to his hive every four weeks in the Summer and 8-10 weeks in the winter. A constant water supply (Brett uses a baby bath) and a protective area is all they need to thrive!

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