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Ensuring the disadvantaged have a warm meal on the table is now an easier feat for Soul Café thanks to a new refrigeration system installed in their Newcastle premises.

Thanks to a donation made by NCIG, the purpose built fridge freezer combination will allow Soul Café to store an additional 6800 litres of perishable items, allowing for greater meal planning and bulk purchasing and storage.

 Soul Café provide hundreds of free meals every week for the highly disadvantaged, many of whom are homeless, have a mental illness, have substance abuse issues or live in poverty. For many, the meals are their only source of nourishment and chance to have meaningful and engaging conversations with Soul Café volunteers who genuinely care about their wellbeing.

 Soul Café CEO Rick Prosser said the new refrigeration system would have a monumental impact on their operations.

“We’re totally thrilled at what this is going to do for us in serving the poor and the needy. It greatly increases our capacity to rescue and steward food.”

The 8000 litre walk-in fridge and freezer combination did not come without installation issues, with Soul Café being located in the second level of an old inner-city Newcastle office building. Not only was access difficult, there were also challenges with engineering and safety requirements.

 NCIG’s maintenance team provided ongoing support and advice to Soul Café to identify and source the right equipment needed for such a large refrigeration unit and ensure it met with all the necessary safety codes and regulations.

“NCIG really went above and beyond to help us get this project completed. We are so thankful for their expertise and support.”

NCIG was one of three funding partners for the purchase of the refrigeration unit, with Port of Newcastle and Orica also contributing towards the costs. 

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