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It is the time of year we’re likely to indulge that little too much, with industry experts saying it’s likely we’ll pile on an additional 1.75kg over the festive season. But staff at NCIG have jumped ahead of the game, having just completed a successful Bounce Challenge, with the 108 participants losing exactly that figure on average - 1.75kg!

This year the challenge focused on reducing sugary drinks and replacing them with the best source of hydration - good old-fashioned water. The initial survey of employees and contractors showed that on a weekly basis, they consumed 24 teaspoons per week of sugar from sugary drinks. To entice more water drinking, NCIG deployed more than 400 reusable drink bottles to help the challenge participants overcome their sugary drink obsession.

In addition to tackling sugary drinks, participants were also encouraged to asses their current lifestyle choices and make improvements around exercise and nutrition.

Over 84% of NCIG employees participated in the challenge with the Individual winners losing over 10% each in body fat. But the site crews were not going to be outdone with the winning contractor team RCR Energy losing an average of 5.3% and NCIG’s Maintenance 1 team, an average of close to 4%.

Losing as little as 5% body fat not only improves your health, it reduces your risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes by 43% while also improving your quality of life… not to mention they can enjoy all the trimmings now without too much concern. But in moderation of course!

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