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NCIG is not alone in its belief that its Compensatory Habitat Program is leading the industry in biodiversity offsetting.

Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Johansen, said he was proud to receive the NSW Minerals Council Award in the category of Environmental Management, recognising success in the creation of habitat within the Lower Hunter Estuary for endangered species and ecological communities. 
“NCIG has successfully completed the establishment of environmental habitats for both the Green and Golden Bell Frog and migratory bird species on targeted areas of the Lower Hunter Estuary. Breeding of the Green and Golden Bell Frog has been recorded in three successive years and a number of protected migratory bird species, including two that are critically endangered, have been identified within the areas created by NCIG. These results have been achieved through the application of sound project planning principles and a collaborative effort with government and non-government stakeholders including specialist ecological experts,” Mr Johansen said

“The practice of offsetting continues to be a challenge for many organisations and a large part of our success for this project can be attributed to working closely with our stakeholders.” 

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