Our people care about the environment and looking after it is part of what we do.

Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group is committed to sustainable management of the environment through our values and working with our stakeholders.

The managing of potential impacts on the environment is an important part of everything we do at Newcastle Coal. We manage our operations to limit impacts to local air quality, water resources, noise amenity, and the Hunter River estuary, which is recognised internationally for its unique ecology.

At Newcastle Coal, we believe in being up front and honest. The way in which we manage the environment is no different. We understand that detail on our environmental controls and performance are important to the community.

Our Environmental Assessment and Environmental Management Plans are available from this webpage. We also publish up to date monitoring data so that the community can understand the health of our local environment.

Managing Air Quality

Effective management of dust at the Newcastle Coal terminal is part of the way we do business.

We understand that our operations have the potential to create dust. That is why managing our impacts to local air quality is one of the most important things we do. We have a highly specialised dust management system that controls our operations to keep dust levels as low as possible.

We look at the weather and the forecasts to activate water sprays that wet down our stockpiles before strong winds arrive. At Newcastle Coal, we monitor the air quality and dust around our operation and also in the surrounding suburbs.

We’re proud of this system and are always working to improve it.

Managing Noise

Newcastle Coal recognises that our operation has the potential to create noise at different times. Managing noise from our plant and machinery is an important part of our daily activities.

Our facility on Koorangang Island is more than 2 km from the nearby residential communities of Mayfield, Stockton and Fern Bay.

We regularly monitor our conveyors and machines for noise levels, as well as take noise readings in the surrounding community. This ensures that noise issues are identified early and machinery is maintained to keep noise levels below specified limits.

Managing Water Resources

Water is critical to our operations and we are committed to using it responsibly, avoiding impacts to our surrounding water bodies.

The Newcastle Coal terminal is situated on the Hunter River, with our customers’ ships coming to the facility via the busy Port of Newcastle.

We manage our activities carefully so as to not impact water quality in the harbour and surrounding wetlands. We recycle the water used on site wherever possible. The water we use is collected and re-used to suppress dust and clean our machinery and conveyors.

Managing Our Ecology

The Hunter Estuary is home to a unique wetland ecology that is recognised in international environmental agreements.

Building the Newcastle Coal facility has had impacts to parts of the local ecology. This applies particularly to the Green and Golden Bell Frog and migratory shorebirds. In order to offset this impact, we have developed habitat areas for the frogs and the shorebirds.

We are careful during our daily operations to minimise any impacts we might have on the ecology.

Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group is proudly accredited to the internationally recognised environmental management system standard - ISO14001. Certification was achieved first in 2017.

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