About the community partnership program

The Community Partnership Program has an allocation of funding which is reviewed by a committee of NCIG representatives, who assess if the program appropriately aligns to our core values and mission, and meets the current needs of the community.

The next round of applications will close on Sunday 30 September 2018. While there is an emphasis for this round of funding to contribute towards an educational initiative, we invite applicants with any type of health, community, environmental or educational programs to contact us for more information.

Applicant Guidelines

As a guide, eligible applicants are seen as those who:

  • Can demonstrate the capacity to use funds effectively for the benefit of the Newcastle and broader Hunter region – in particular the communities which lie close to our facility at Kooragang.
  • Can assist the community through a program or project which focusses on one of NCIG’s community investment focus areas – community, environment, health and education.
  • Assist the community at large rather than an interest group or individual.
  • Demonstrate tangible and quantitative outcomes as well as social well-being benefits.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to grassroots projects or programs that have a direct benefit to the community.

It is seen as inappropriate for the partnership funds to be allocated to private companies seeking finance for individual business activities, projects focused on capital works or projects that are traditionally funded by governments.

Proposals submitted for funding should clearly outline benefits and outcomes. These outcomes should:

  • Result in direct benefits to the wider community.
  • Generate benefits that do not presently exist.
Who is eligible to apply?

Applications will only be considered from groups that operate within acceptable community standards. While a Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) or not-for-profit status is advantageous, it is not essential.

For example, organisations that provide a service for enhancing the lives of children and/or adults through an educational or well-being program, or an organisation who provides a vital community service in the areas of health, environment or education are encouraged to apply.

Assessment Criteria

All Community Partnership Program applicants must address a series of criteria in their application including:

  • Goals and objectives of the initiative
  • Financial program
  • The number of people the project is expected to reach
  • Any media or publicity the project is likely to attract
  • Program timeline and milestones
  • Key personnel
  • NCIG brand recognition
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