Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group's systems and processes are modern and highly automated to provide maximum operating efficiency. Our integration with external systems allows us to operate the plant in an effective way whilst managing interactions with the community.  For example, a connection to the Bureau of Meteorology gives access to both real time and advance weather data, which is used, in combination with advanced control techniques, to proactively manage stockpile moisture content and to prepare for storm events.


Our Practices

Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group's practices are aligned with current technologies of the information age.  Our systems are well progressed to becoming paperless, by incorporating wireless technology and handheld devices into our maintenance and operations management.  For example interactions with vessels are now managed and recorded using tablets, rather than traditional paper based sign up and sign off systems.



Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group's stockpiling model is unique in that it allows for larger volumes of coal to be stored within a smaller real estate footprint known as wide stockpiling. This involves the formation of two side by side cones with the void in the middle filled with an upside down cone.

The materials handling infrastructure utilised at Newcastle Coal has been selected to provide maximum operating flexibility and opportunity for automation by adopting best practices with respect to the control and monitoring of the plant.   

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