The Newcastle Coal export terminal is owned and operated by Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group Pty Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCIG Holdings Pty Ltd, together “NCIG”. It is the sole business of NCIG.

NCIG Holdings is a privately held corporation owned by Hunter Valley coal producers.

All shareholders are affiliates of shippers, which have long term capacity contracts at the terminal for the majority of capacity at the terminal.

The ultimate parents of NCIG’s shareholders are shown below.

(as at 30th September 2018)
(as at 30th September 2018)

Our Board

NCIG’s Board of Directors comprises senior representatives of its Shareholders, and an independent chair.

Tedder 181218 3771
Philip Garling, Chairman
  • Appointed to the NCIG Board of Directors from March 2018
  • Philip has over 30 years of experience in the mining, energy, property and infrastructure sectors in both executive leadership and board positions
Tedder 181218 3712
Adam Lancey (Director)
  • Appointed to the NCIG Board of Directors in 2016
  • Adam serves as Head of Logistics and Infrastructure at BHP’s NSW Energy Coal division
  • 17+ years experience in the coal industry

0001 Reinhold Shmidt
Reinhold Schmidt (Director)
  • Appointed to the NCIG Board of Directors in 2013
  • Serves as CEO of Yancoal Australia Ltd (appointed in 2013)
  • Previously served as COO of Xstrata Coal Queensland, and President of the Colombian coal assets of Glencore
Mark Smith
Mark Smith (Director)
  • Appointed to the NCIG Board of Directors in 2014
  • Mark has held a number of positions at Peabody & Anglo American, currently serving as Director of Infrastructure for Peabody Australia
0001 Kevin Ball
Kevin Ball (Director)
  • Appointed to the NCIG Board of Directors in 2016
  • Currently serves as CFO of Whitehaven Coal (appointed in 2013) • 30+ years' experience in the coal, oil & gas and consulting industries
0000 Tony Macko
Tony Macko (Director)
  • Appointed to the NCIG Board of Directors in 2014
  • Has 30+ years of experience in finance and governance roles within coal and resources industry generally
  • Currently Executive GM Corp Affairs and Company Secretary at Centennial

Debt Investors

A summary of the corporate structure of the NCIG group and its key contractual arrangements are depicted in the following diagram

NCIG Debt Funding Sources

NCIG debt funding sources are summarised below.

(as at 31st December 2018)
(as at 31st December 2018)

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