When it comes to operating a coal terminal, Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group considers all aspects of its business

We want to make our business sustainable, for the benefit of our shareholders, our people, our local environment and community.

Corporate Sustainability at Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group includes careful consideration of:

  • People - the health, safety and welfare of our people
  • Critical Infrastructure - the critical role Newcastle Coal plays in the Hunter Valley Coal Chain
  • Environment - the surrounding environment and managing impacts from the operation
  • a Positive Work Culture
  • Contribution and Engagement - meaningful relationships with our stakeholders
  • Community Investment - the investment Newcastle Coal makes in the local community

For this reason, Newcastle Coal has established a Sustainable Development Policy which guides the development of business processes and the behaviours of our people.

What is important, is that Newcastle Coal works towards these policy aims while maintaining our company values. Our values make Newcastle Coal what it is.

To review our sustainability performance, we have produced our first Corporate Sustainability Report. We encourage you to take a look through our achievements in 2016 across all areas of the business. We're also interested in your feedback - if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our corporate sustainability reporting or policy, please get in touch with us.

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